“WOW! I can’t believe that’s watercolor!” That’s probably what I hear most often about my work, and it delights me every time. Even though I utilize considerable wet-into-wet methods in my work, there is nothing wishy washy about the depth of color I reach for in each piece. My palettes are bold and encompass a full range of values from the stark whiteness of the paper to rich, powerful blacks.

As an outdoor gal myself, my subject matter is often inspired from nature. I continually search for ways to invite the unexpected into my work, through color, composition and a combination of techniques. I am always pushing myself to try new things and teach my students how to take risks and create fearlessly. I believe that making art is not just a mastery of technique, but something that comes through you almost effortlessly when you can get our of your head and let things naturally flow.

Diane Chencharick has a long background in the arts. She enjoyed a successful career in advertising and design, with more than 30 years as a graphic designer, art director and creative director. She experienced the transition from hand drawing to digital and took up water-based media as a form of creative expression beyond the computer. Although her roots are in realism, there is no denying her graphic background in her art. Her subject matter often draws from nature, although she has become more experimental in her approach in recent years. She has mentored numerous artists, developing their creativity, honing their design skills and teaching effective use of contrast and color. Her unique classes and workshops also draw from her leadership skills and zen training, helping artists overcome self-limiting behaviors that keep them stuck in old patterns.

While watercolor continues to be her preferred medium, she also works in ink and acrylic. She is known for her strong use of color and keen sense of design and has shown her award-winning work in galleries, as well as many exhibitions. She is an active member of Michigan Water Color Society and has served on its Board of Directors for more than 10 years. She is also a member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Ann Arbor Women Artists and the Venice Art Center in Venice, Florida. She joined the teaching staff at the Venice Art Center in 2016, teaching experimental watermedia techniques and design.